Battle of Whiz

Coding Camp organized by Amrita School of Engineering

Powered by Code@Amrita

About the camp: Battle of Whiz Camp was initiated by Amrita School of Engineering in May 2015. The camp envisages to impart the problem solving skills to the school students who are talented in programming. The objective of the camp is to select the best students who are interested in coding, train them in line with the emerging trends, to develop efficient computing solutions for the future. The camp is solely for those who are interested in mathematical applications in computer science, using of efficient algorithms, etc. The camp will be a good base for those who are interested to shape their career in Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Because of this reason, the camp may not be helpful students who are interested in application development.

About Code@Amrita: Code@Amrita is a coding club at Amrita University focusing on creating a coding culture not only in the campus, but also among the school students. The club organizes sessions on coding in the campus for interested students. These sessions help the students to gain more knowledge

Date: Third week of June

Duration: 5 days, Residential.

Registration fees: Rs.500/-. Food and accommodation is provided.

The Registration fee should be paid as Demand Draft, in favor of ‘ AMRITA CONSULTANCY ‘ payable at ‘Kollam’ and should be send to “Admission Department,Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus,Clappana PO, Kollam- 690525”

Participants should write on the back of the Demand Draft, “Battle of Whiz” his / her Name and mobile number. Participants are advised to keep a photocopy of the Demand Draft for future reference.

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Eligibility: if you are confident in writing a program that uses Arrays and Functions in C/C++/Java, you are eligible.

Topics covered:

  • Searching and Sorting Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Advanced C++ and Standard Template Library
  • Python and Data Science
  • Online Judges


  • You should have the skill to implement programs using arrays
  • Understand a problem statement and write code based on the required output
  • Use predefined functions and write user defined functions to solve a given problem.
  • Shall have a good understanding of basic data structures like stack, queue, etc.
  • Should have a fairly good command over any one programming language.

Number of seats & Selection

There are only 50 seats. Selection is based on the nomination by the school Principal. If there are more students opting to attend the camp than the desired number, the selection will be based on an online contest hosted by the university.

Contact: +91 70340 24264

Email: loc[at]