Lord of the Code

Lord of the Code (LoC) is a series of competitive programming contests hosted every month, by Code@Amrita, the coding club at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri campus. One of the aims of this monthly contest is to create awareness about the competitive programming and problem solving among the school students. While the focus is on the students in Kerala, anybody who is interested in coding can participate in the contest. The contest is conducted on CodeChef every month. Contest spans over three days – Friday through Sunday. The contest will focus on problem solving rather than direct implementation of the programming language syntax and built in functions. Problem solving requires a fairly good understanding of basic mathematics, programming languages and data structures. A minimum of 6 problems will be posted in a month. Participation is individual. While the contest is open to anyone who is interested, awards, prizes is confined to the students in Kerala. Solution for the problem can be written in C / C++ / Java / Python.


  • Spread awareness on CS-Pathasala curriculum
  • Improve the coding skills of the high school students
  • Get more participation from the students in Kerala for competitive programming and ICPC
  • Select best students through the contest and provide training for ZCO & INOI

Prizes and Awards*:

  • Top 10 students will get goodies from Amrita University
  • Top will receive an additional surprise gift from Amrita University
  • Certificate of Participation for all the students
  • Certificate of Achievement for top student

Topics (referred from INOI):

  1. Searching
  2. Sorting
  3. Basic Graph Algorithms
  4. Dynamic Programming
  5. Greedy Algorithms
  6. Range minimum Query
  7. Permutations
  8. Basic Geometry
  9. Implementation

Problem distribution (minimum 6)

  1. 2 Easy
  2. 2 Medium
  3. 2 Hard
 * Prizes and Awards only for KERALA Students.