A tribute to Lord Harsha

About Lord Harsha: Harsha Suryanaryana was a gifted competitive programmer who made India proud in national and international programming contests. Famous as humblefool on programming contest websites like TopCoder, he was the rated best programmer from India for a long long time. He was an ACM ICPC world finalist and one of the top performers in Google Code Jam for many years. But, his glory lies in the fact that he wasn’t just a gifted programmer. He was also a very good teacher who was committed to preparing the next set of programmers from India. Every year, he used to conduct coding camps for top ranked coders in India to prepare them for ACM ICPC. He was also co-founder of MyCodeSchool, an educational start-up aimed at teaching and growing computer science talents in India. We lost him in a tragic accident on June 20th, 2014.  This YouStory article is a very good tribute to him.

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